OSAMi-commons proposes a paradigm shift in the conventional approach to the market. This impacts importantly in the business, process, organisation and technology dimensions of technology providing organisations.

The technical approach will not only benefit the development of independent products but also iter-operation across systems. In more practical terms, the platform will facilitates the derivation of applications supporting functionality such as: (1) Use car systems to access home & mobile content. E.g. Seamless access to music. (2) Use car systems to provide car service information to the external world (e.g. road, highway, town, garage, home, people, car assistance) (3). Use mobile terminal (e.g. phone) for home control, surveillance and management.(4) Use home entertainment systems for post operation patient monitoring and communication

The major visible results supported by demonstrators will take form of guidelines to help in defining acquisition policy and development under a new paradigm. This will compile results from the perspective of the business, process, organisation and technology based on project work package results.

Other visible results will be:

Additional results may derive from leveraging project results through collaboration with complementary projects and European/national initiatives such as related technology users groups and forums.